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What Is A Graphics Tablet?

A graphics tablet a device that allows you draw using a computer, kind of similar to how you draw on paper. It's used to create artworks, animation, graphics design and in some cases, for website designs. Some people even use them as a mouse replacement or signing papers. It makes tracing pencil-drawn artworks much easier. Graphics tablets come with a special stylus. Usually with two customizable buttons on it.

Graphics tablets has many other names, like:-

  • Digitizer
  • drawing tablet
  • drawing pad
  • digital drawing tablet
  • pen tablet
  • digital art board

  • There are two kinds of graphics tablets. The regular ones, which we usually call "graphics tablets", and the ones with screen, mostly called "pen displays". With regular graphics tablets, you draw on a flat surface, which you use to control the mouse cursor much easier than a mouse. with pen displays, you draw directly on the screen, very similar to how you draw on paper. Making this a more natural way to draw, although such tablets tend to be more expensive.


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